Stacking Blocks

For Children

Helping kids reach their full potential through clear communication. We offer assessment and treatment for children and adolescents requiring:

  • Speech and articulation therapy

  • Language development

  • Literacy and reading assistance

  • Social skills development

  • Voice concerns

  • Fluency and stuttering

  • Early intervention

  • General advice


For Adults

Speech problems in Adults can impact socially, educationally, professionally, interpersonally and emotionally. We're here to help and offers a range services to assist you, including with;

  • Adult voice concerns

  • Adult reading, writing, literacy assistance

  • Therapy following stroke

  • General Advice

  • Swallowing difficulties

Executives at Work
Teacher & Student
Phone/Skype Consultations

If you are unable to visit our practice, depending on your requirements we may be able to offer a consultations via Skype. Please contact us to discuss you needs.

Language Development Centre Applications

LDCs are specialised schools that assist students in pre-primary, year 1 and year 2 with developmental language concerns, with the ultimate purpose of returning students to mainstream schools. They focus on the development of oral language skills that provide the foundation for literacy, social and academic skills. 


The assessment and application process is quite complex and Unique Speech are proud to work with families that wish to apply for these highly sought after positions. The application process usually occurs in Term 3 for the following year, but please contact us for further information or to reserve an assessment as places fill quickly.

Information Sessions

We are currently developing a series of information sessions and workshops for new mums, in preparation for school and literacy difficulties. If you would like to register your interest please contact us.

Other Services

School Screenings

Screens are great at assessing a broad range of skills, looking at where we can focus learning goals and to give baseline measures. Generally performed in Kindy or Pre-primary, screens allows us to identify children who's speech, language and literacy skills are not at the expected level and may benefit from additional assistance.


Tutoring can help children "catch up" on their learning and "keep up" with their peers in the school environment. If you feel your child would benefit form one on one tutoring or your child's teacher has some concerns, we can help. Group sessions are also available during school holidays.