School Prep Screens

At Unique Speech, we are passionate about school aged intervention and that's why we offer affordable screening options to assess your child's overall speech and language skills.

Is your child entering Kindy, Pre-primary or Year 1 next year? Do you have some concerns about whether they are ready, or about their communication skills?

Screening tools can be very useful in identifying speech and language difficulties in order to prepare students, teachers and families where intervention may be required. Early involvement in speech and language therapy is highly recommended to ensure the best possible outcomes for students. Additionally, a screening assessment gives baseline measures to compare a student’s results in years to come and within a cohort.

Screening assessments can be useful for teachers in order to plan, prepare and implement lessons to target specific strengths and weaknesses within their class.

Depending on the needs and request of each student or school, a variety of assessment tools can be used. The standard screener we use is the Screen of Communication Skills (SOCS) and allows assessment of:

  • Semantics – the knowledge of word meanings and relationships including vocabulary, categories, similarities and differences, opposites.

  • Comprehension/Receptive Language – understanding and following instructions, knowledge of basic concepts such as in/on/under, big/little, first/last etc.

  • Expressive Language – use of words, grammar, narrative skills and morphology.

  • Phonological Awareness – syllables, rhyme, blending, segmenting.

  • Articulation – assessment of age-appropriate speech sound development.

Fluency (stuttering) and voice are also assessed informally and included in the screening process and reports.

If you have any concerns about your child's speech, language, fluency, social skills or overall readiness, we are here to help and more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Screens cost $95.00 which includes the assessment, a report with recommendations and suggestions of activities to improve certain areas, if required. Private Health Insurance rebates are available.

A limited number of screening appointments are still available!


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