What is Language?

My aim is to keep these blog posts short and sweet so they are easier to read and give some quick insights and information into everything communication...

The term ‘language’ is the ability to communicate with others, express our needs and wants and also to understand others. Language can be divided into two main groups;

Receptive – the ability to understand what someone else has said or done. This may be the words they use, how they use them and actions they make. Understanding that someone waving means “hello” or “goodbye” is a form of receptive language. Children are very good at developing receptive skills and generally form these skills 6 months or more prior to being able to use them themselves!

Expressive – being able to say or show what you want. For example talking, writing, gesturing.

Communication begins at birth, a baby learns that crying tells you they are hungry, tired or uncomfortable. Babies also communicate with us by using eye contact, smiling and touching. They interact with their surroundings using all senses including taste, as we know!

Babies will start to use other vocalisations such as cooing, ‘blowing raspberries’ and babbling which eventually develops into more speech-like sounds and then words. The development of language continues to grow and children will learn phrases, sentences and then begin understanding written letters and start reading words too.

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