Fact or Fiction?

FACT OR FICTION... “Baby talk” impedes a child’s language development?


Baby talk is the different way in which we may speak to babies with a higher pitch, slower pace, simple vocabulary, repetition of words and the use of vivid facial expressions. Sometimes, this is known as 'motherese' or 'parentese'. An example would be:

“Wowww! Look at the doggy!

Doggy says woof!

The doggy is playing.

Let’s throw a ball to the doggy!”

Some people believe that using baby talk may hinder their child’s language development. In fact, research suggests the opposite – a baby will learn the important words (doggy), associate it with the thing (dog) and learn how we use that word in a sentence and some words associated with it (woof, play, ball). The repetition helps them learn to say the word too. Don’t be afraid to use baby talk!

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