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Speech Pathologist

Dianella, Western Australia

We are a Speech Pathology practice north of Perth, Western Australia and have been servicing Dianella, Morley, Noranda, Bayswater, Bedford, Mirrabooka, and surrounds since 2015,


We have flexible appointments available and offer home and school visits. Please contact us for details.

Our philosophy incorporates individuality and respect and we focus on each person's strengths in order to allow our clients to express themselves.

"Everyone has a Unique story to tell"

SPEECH PATHOLOGY (in a nut shell...)


Speech Pathologists are university trained professionals who diagnose and treat communication disorders.


This may include difficulties with speaking (articulation, language, voice, stuttering), listening (comprehension), reading, writing and social skills. Typical clients include those with developmental delays, stroke, brain injury, dementia, hearing loss or intellectual delay.

Speech Pathologists are self-regulated and Unique Speech is proud to meet Speech Pathology Australia's professional standards and recognised as Certified Practising Speech Pathologists.

Watch "What is a Speech Pathologist" here (opens in YouTube)


       Meet Stacie, owner of Unique Speech.


"I feel privileged to work in a profession that is so diverse, challenging and rewarding. My favourite part of such an enriching job is seeing someone's face light up during those wonderful 'a-ha' moments.​.."

Stacie Dwyer, Principal Speech Pathologist